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Typed | Second Chances

Sometimes we lose people just to find them again. Sometimes the second time just makes more sense. Honestly, that timing in life has a lot to do with everything. Sometimes, you just aren't ready for each other yet, and that's okay. Now you are. Make it magical, make it amazing, and appreciate every moment. ~ Erin Rose

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Typed | Crank Out Now

 It’s a word I’ve heard a million times before but it never held meaning until Him. Words.
Words I had written about him before. Those.
Those have always had meaning, but nothing like the ones I am about to crank out now. 
~ Erin Rose


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Typed | Was It Worth It?

“Was it worth it?” He asked, the ice clinking against his glass.
She paused a moment before replying “Was what worth it?”
“Opening that door again.” His voice rasped as he took another sip. “Having that door opened knowing that any moment Pandora’s Box was going to bring you to your knees.” ~ Erin Rose

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Happy To Report: Word Update

I'm currently holding at 14,145 words. Still not done but I've hit that wall of not knowing where to go/where I should go with a few scenes...SOOOOOOOOO .. it's time for me to walk away for a bit and hand it over to my editor to work her magic. 

So thankful for this woman who has been at my side for 13 years. She knows my voice. She knows my style. She knows how I write. And she knows what to do when I get stuck.... cheers to breaking the 4-year publishing block. Cheers to breaking through some massive writer's block while I'm at it.

Typed | Just Let Me Be Sad

“Just let me be sad,” she told him. “Just let me process and then I’ll be okay. Can’t you just let me do that?” She crossed the room and stared blankly out the window as the raindrops pelted against the pane. ~ Erin Rose

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Happy to Report | 8500 Words

As of signing off last night the 'script was sitting at 8500 words. EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED words... in FOUR days... shew..I can't remember the last time I cranked out words like that.....wait..yes, I can... dammit... anywho.... Happy Saturday you guys......
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