Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Scent

… the scent… her breath.quickens. Nose. Twitches. Heartbeat. Rapid. 
I’m sure we’ve met, haven’t we?
Another time. Another space. 
I would recognize that scent anywhere. 

~ Erin Rose untitled

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Monday, January 20, 2020

Primal Talk

"Primal. What don’t you get about it exactly? It’s this place where you leave all your expectations and inhibitions at the door. It’s this place where you question nothing and let your impulse lead your way. It’s this place where you get to leave your door wide open and just be yourself. It’s very much a place where whatever happens, happens, and you must be ready for that because there is no plan. There are no rules. There are no guidelines and there are certainly no questions or thoughts such as, “Am I doing this right?” You just get to be you. Real. Raw. Primal. It’s a space of animalistic sex; biting, scratching, growling. Bumps, bruises, and bleeding are likely to happen. This is not a space for the soft. Only the strong will survive here." ~ Erin Rose: She Writes Things untitled

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Wolf Always Stalks Its Prey

Challenge was over. Mission accomplished. There was no need for her to return. But something told her she had to. It mattered not that she vowed she would never stand before him again and yet, here she was. She rose from the ashes a warrior, stronger than she ever rose before.

“Was it worth it?” He asked, the ice clinking against his glass.

She paused a moment before replying “Was what worth it?”

“Opening that door again.” His voice rasped as he took another sip. “Having that door opened knowing that any moment Pandora’s Box was going to bring you to your knees.”

Her stare, cold and blank collided with his in the worst possible way. ‘How does he know about Pandora’s Box? I’ve never discussed this part of my past with him,’ she thought.

It was as if he read her very thoughts because after he took another sip, his words were already ringing in her ears before they passed over his lips. “A wolf always stalks its prey my dear.” ~ Erin Rose……… WIP.. book untitled.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

Where to Go From Here

She had been here before. This space. This person next to her. But this time, this time it just felt different. She had studied his every movement. The way his hands folded across his arms. The way the right side of his mouth turned up a bit more than the left when he said her name. The way certain vowels were enunciated as they rolled off his tongue. But right now, in this space, these little things she had grown accustomed to didn’t seem to matter. She rolled to her side to face him. To study him once again. To replay that growl that pierced the darkest depths of her soul. ‘What happened last night had to be a fluke,’ she told herself. ‘Men, they talk a good game, but that, well that had awoken the inner beast that had been locked away for so long.’ ….. And she had no idea where to go from here. ~ Erin Rose…. WIP untitled

I Can't Love You Anymore

She stood there in front of him, holding his hand, legs shaking as her eyes drifted from him to the wall behind them. “This place, this wretched space. We don’t belong here anymore!” She shouted. “Oh, but we do,” he replied. “And you’re going to sit down and listen to what I have to say so that maybe, just maybe you’ll understand.” She studied his face one moment more before sitting in the chair across from him. She heard the sound of his voice echoing against the bare walls, she was sure there were words forming, but the sound of her heart racing..thud thump, thud thump, was distracting her. “No, no, no no. I can’t. I can’t sit here and listen to this. I just can’t do this anymore,” she said as she wiped back the tears. She rose from her chair and headed for the door. As she turned the knob, her final words were crystal clear, “Please let me go. I….. I can’t love you anymore.” And with that she walked through that door one last time. ~ Erin Rose

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Poured Him Another Drink

“She poured him another drink and quickly took up the space beside him… her movements calm and calculated. Time caught up with them and neither were prepared for the way it shuffled around their lives. ‘There was no use causing alarm’ she thought to herself as she handed him his glass. His fingers grazed against hers, causing waves of electricity through the race going on in her bloodstream. ‘He can't know’ she kept telling herself, ‘he just can’t.’ Her nose twitched at his scent… that smell she had often thought about in her darkest hours.. His both haunted and excited her at the same time….. She sat next to him and turned to speak. “We need to talk,” they both said simultaneously and all she could think was ‘oh fuck’ as a single tear dropped out of her eye and rolled down her cheek.” ~ Erin Rose ...WIP book untitled.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Crash

He was going his way. She was going hers. Two lost souls crashed right in to each other. She was looking for this. He was looking for that. That crash caused a shift but he continued on his path and she on hers. ~Erin Rose

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Licking My Wounds

“Silly boy. You thought you broke me, tried to kill me. When in reality, you merely stood on the sidelines watching me bleed as he licked my wounds." ~ Erin Rose ... WIP ...the Traitors Tartan part 2
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