Typed | She ran


She ran her fingers across my soul and hit places her words never touched. ~Erin Rose

Work in process. 

Typed | Killer

Killer...... Erin Rose.

Work in process. 

Typed | She smiled at him.....


She smiled at him...... ~ Erin Rose
Work in process. 

Happy to Report: The name game

Writing Status Update: 

When you write an entire book without your two main characters having a name.... 

Oh yes, I just did that. FYI... books been written. Scenes all filled in. I DID THE DAMN THING.
Now, to come up with some names.

Happy to Report: There's been progress

Writing Status Update: 

Sitting at 14,719 words, 3 rounds of edits.... Trying to get back in the headspace to crank out the rest of these words and these fairly important scenes.....

Typed | Love, she thought...


Love, she thought ~ Erin Rose
Work in process. 

Typed | I can't do this....


... I can't do this.... ~ Erin Rose 🖤

Typed | See You At All


"I guess it was just a dream because now I don't see you at all." ~ Erin Rose

Typed | ....I probably am.

..I probably am. ~ Erin Rose


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