Happy to Report | It's Coming

 Worked my way through all of the current beta readers' suggestions and edits yesterday. 😲 Still, a few minor details to wrap up and settle on a cover. I'm not sold on the title so I will have to brainstorm there. It's coming you guys, it's coming.

Prose | For Every

For every beast,
there is beauty.
For every wolf,
there is red.
For every light,
there is dark.
The wolf howls, the beast roars,
the petals fall to the floor.
One by one
until they're no longer, forevermore. ~ Erin Rose She Writes Things

Photo Credit: Saw it on FB. Did a image search and could not find original source to credit creator.

Typed | Devour


“There won’t ever be another you. That smile. That swagger. The way you carry yourself to the public only to be transformed by night. The way we match on the things that matter and don’t know what doesn’t. You growl, I bite back. You never tried to tame me or change me. You accepted your fate and kept going. It’s the way you look at me- like I’m your absolute best friend and yet your hunted prey ready to be devoured at a moments notice knowing I’m going to devour you, too.” - Erin Rose

Happy to Report | the Cambrie and Dylan tale

Writing Status Update: Final run-through of Cambrie and Dylan's story -- DONE. 

Just sent the Cambrie/Dylan story off to the beta readers... can we do an anxiety check? 'Cause..I had it...bad... So, while those guys are reading away.... I'll work on this other story... 'Cause the Hunter/Scarlett tale needs to be hammered out.

Happy to Report : Writing Status Update -- Dylan and Cambrie

Writing Status Update: Hopeful to have the last of the revisions of the Cambrie and Dylan tale done this week --- then off to the beta readers / checkers.

Typed | That Green Dot

‘I hate that fucking green dot.’ she thought to herself. ‘The dot that glares at me, tells me you are online. The one that once upon a time meant hours of conversations. Hours of smiles and laughs. A bright spot on a cloudy day. Now, it just means nothing more than silence.’

Sometimes she could ignore that green light. She tried. Every day she tried. 

Tonight was hard as she sat there, staring at that little green light for hours in the darkness. She wanted to reach out. But she knew the end result of that. She knew it would be nothing more than politeness. Honestly, that was worse than the silence.

So, she watched that green dot. ‘I really miss him,’ she thought. ‘Maybe one day I won’t.

But tonight, tonight it surrounds me with darkness and takes my breath away.’

(C) Erin Rose

Work in process.....


Typed | In Another Life


She closed that door thinking she’d never hear from him again.

Oh, but how very wrong she was.

“We’ll meet again. In another life. Another time. Maybe.” the voicemail chimed.

Happy to Report | Things are Coming Along

 As my brain tries to wrap around the last few big edits before handing the Cambrie and Dylan international love tale over to the beta reading editors  - I've re-read the story I abandoned to crank out that one. 

Pretty sure it's turned itself into a polyamory tale without even trying. I think Scarlett and Hunter will appreciate more prey. 

Happy to Report | 2nd Writing Status Update for 2021

Writing Status Update: I can officially say all the he/she pronouns have been changed to the character's name where necessary. 

I do not ever recommend writing a novella without having character names in place first. 

I'm still flip-flopping over the title and there are a couple of places I want to do some rewriting. But that annoying task is over at least.

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