Happy to Report: Writing Update

Writing Status Update: It's been a hot minute since there's been any new news on the latest book. I'll be honest, I haven't felt much like dealing with it recently. 

And now the realization has set in that it's almost Nov. 1 which means NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. So I need to hustle and get these changes made in this book so that I can bust my ass in November for the umpteenth year in a row and crank out thousands and thousands of words in 30 days. 

Also, the book still has no title and soon I'll be putting a call out for beta readers, so at least there's that to look forward to.

Happy to Report: .. more changes

Writing Status Update: 

When you still aren't settled with the main character's names, have a breakdown about unrelated things, have a 2.5hr phone call, and have a name breakthrough...

I am now 1/3 of the way through the name & pronoun changes.

Typed | This Can't Be Final



I can't do this. I can't sit here and be okay with telling you goodbye. Goodbye always seemed so final and I don't want this to be final. It can't be the ending. Not here, not now. ~ Erin Rose

Happy to Report: ... got to make some changes


Writing Status Update: 

When you decide you don't like the names you picked out for your main characters and now you have to start all over.

Typed | No Safe Words



There are no safe words here... Is this going to be a problem for you? ~ Erin Rose

Typed | .. waiting


I'm waiting, watching, seeing, learning. Your scent, it lingers. I'm patient. I'll wait. ~ Erin Rose

work in process 

Typed | ... that breath


.... simply needed to take that breath she was holding on to. ~ Erin Rose

Work in process. 

Typed | ...cure is the taste of you


.... The only cure is the taste of you. ~ Erin Rose

Work in process. 

Typed | ... stick around to watch me burn


You didn't even stick around to watch me burn. ~ Erin Rose

Work in process. 

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