Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Happy to Report: She Writes Things - Anthology Update


I tell you what.... time sure has flown by since my last post. I don't even know how that happened. But I do know the anthology isn't ready yet. 

I have removed all of the separate works (books) from the retailer's sites. I had to wait a period for all of those to be removed and am happy to report that they are all gone. 

That was important because if I were to have those lingering and tried to upload the anthology, the retailers, Amazon especially, would ping me for duplicate and/or plagiarized content, and it would turn into this giant headache.

While I have all of my documents in Word and saved to an external hard drive and on the cloud, I put them all into one large Google Doc. Easy for me to edit and work on using whatever device I wanted. 

Well, with a document that long, my spell checker and Grammarly were playing very ugly with each other, and it was slowing down the typing and editing process, causing a large amount of frustration. 

I then decided to go back to using Seequill, only to have them send out a memo that they were permanently closing. 


I finally upgraded my Scrivener, but I only have it on the desktop. Once I am done with my day job, I don't want to sit here in the office any longer. So, my next step, I guess, is to get it on the laptop too. 

It's been really frustrating trying to clean up all of these documents and get them together into one cohesive unit to put back up for sale. I cannot move forward with writing until this project is off my desk. 

It is coming. Eventually. The anthology. New books. New reads.

 New stuff. It. Is. Coming. 

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