Monday, May 3, 2021

Happy to Report | The Chosen Cover

Writing Status Update: And, that is a wrap from me for tonight. After fighting with my brain over an $29 image, I scrapped the other cover and found one that actually was a scene from the story. So, here we are. Just a few tweaks and it will be ready. Now, I just need to format the document and upload everything to the publishing sites. But that, well that is going to have to wait for another night. I am tapping out.  

Happy to Report | We're Almost There!

Writing Status Update: #34243243243242343243t4354253 😂😂😂 Whatever. After working my day job all week, then spending most of the weekend working on my side business, cleaning, sorting, running errands, my brain farted and there was no more. 

I could not sit down at the desk any more to focus on cover creation and book formatting. BUT, at least the story, writing, edits, cover pick, and title pick are DONE. Now, it's just a matter of wrapping up the pretty package and releasing it into the wild. It's pretty crazy to think about, that after 5 years I'll be published again. It almost doesn't seem real. && then to focus on the Hunter and Scarlett tale...because..yeah, that one.
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