The End of Summer

Summer is officially over.

Stop wearing white.

Yeah, whatever.

Exactly what I think.

Sorry it got a little dusty around here. I did not publish much new material in August because I was extremely busy redoing old material. I took some time to change some point of views in a couple of tales, redid pretty much every single cover and then of course made sure I ran over it all one last time to check for typos. Pretty sure I got everything where I want it now and I can hit the ground running for September. I am pretty happy that even though my new material was almost non-existent for August, I did double my sales. So - I am VERY happy with those results.

I also had to deal with some personal matters that set be back in the production department as well.

I am now challenging myself to 100 stories in a year. Since my first was published in May, I would like to have 100 total by May 2013.

Let the fun and games begin!


  1. 100 stories a year! Wow. Do ever stop to breath? I've been working tow months and am just finshing my fifth story, and I thought I was doing good. I'm going to go check your books on Smaswords.

    Good luck!

    ps: I found your connection on LinkedIn

  2. I am not going to make that goal, sadly. I have not published a new piece since October. I am working on my grad degree and with all the paper writing , my jobs and internship, it has been hard to get things worked out. I do have a new piece that I hope to publish soon. I am about 1/2 way through it. I also took part in NaNo in November and actually finished.


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