Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Release

“ … the scent surrounded us as we quickly shuffled through the crowd...before we could even reach the exit doors your hand slipped into my hair and wound tightly into a fierce grip.. as we went through the nearest door, locking it behind us…the grip tightened ...your breath quickened..and then there was that growl...the growl that had gotten me in trouble so many times before. You leaned in to growl something in my ear as you pushed me through a door, locking it behind me. You pushed, I pushed back. You scratched, I clawed. You pushed one more time, has my hands grasped the cold porcelain sink, using it as leverage, you slid deep inside, growling once more in my ear. My spine tingled, my body shook. Your hand slowly closed in around my neck, as we both embraced the sweet release.” ~Erin Rose


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