Monday, June 27, 2022

Writer's Thoughts: Fun Fact

 Writer's Thoughts: Fun Fact

Writer's Thoughts: Fun fact -- Being polyamorous does not mean having multiple partners or that a polaym person is out there having sex with multiple people. To be polyamorous is to have the capacity to develop close romantic, platonic, or queerplatonic, flirtationships, situationships, or comet relationships with multiple people. You're polyamorous whether you have 1 partner or 10 partners or no partners. 

Polyamory is about the ability to love multiple people, not about whether or not you are currently involved in intimate relationships with multiple people. Read that again -- it's about the ABILITY TO... the freedom, the openness -- all of the things that monogamists tell you is wrong or not allowed in a relationship.  Polyamory = relationship based. Swinging = sex-based. Two different things, although you can be one, the other, or both, and there is some overlap in the lifestyles.


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