Thursday, January 18, 2024

Still Me. Just New Slogans and Such.


New year, new me, right? Isn't that what everyone says at the start of a new year? 

I am still here. I am still slogging through drafts on my computer that I know I need to finish. 

So much has happened in life in the last few years, and sometimes I wonder if I should even finish them. But, I know I need to. It has to be done. 

I have been rebranding my personal business in order to gain traction with new clients. Been letting businesses that no longer serve me go. All of it is very time-consuming. In that process, I have learned that "She Writes Things" no longer serves me as I do so much more than just write things - especially on my Facebook Business page. So, I have decided to rename that page to Read. Write. Sip. I think this is better for me. 

I am hopeful things will slow down a little, and I can spend some time mind-mapping and storyboarding some of the unfinished work. 

I am always hopeful. 

~ Erin


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