Monday, May 28, 2012

I Updated My About Me

So the publisher wanted a new bio. There is nothing worse than trying to write words about yourself that you feel the reader is going to want to know. So, I came up with a new one.

Erin Rose started reading erotic stories at the tender age of 9 by sneaking the books hidden in the corner of her mother’s bookcase which was stored in a closet. Erin put herself through college writing her own dirty stories. Erin was one of the most popular naughty bloggers on the now defunct Yahoo360! and hitting a great popularity on MySpace in the mid 2000s. Here niche of choice was spanking, bondage, D/s, and anything related to pain and pleasure. Some of the stories were nothing but fantasy, others from her own adventure vault.

She later moved to her own website which landed her countless ghostwriting gigs for private clients. To keep her mind running wild she later turned to adult texting lines, phone sex lines, writing blurbs for porn sites and product descriptions for adult toy stories. With the ereader boom Erin decided to take her naughty mind to a whole new level erotic short stories and novels. Her first published piece is based on true stories which discuss the sexual world of escorts. In Escort, Me? she'll show you the comedic side to her words.

Having removed all of her word off the internet for publication, she embarks on a new erotic journey boasting "nobody works for free!"

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