Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Typed | In Another Life


She closed that door thinking she’d never hear from him again.

Oh, but how very wrong she was.

“We’ll meet again. In another life. Another time. Maybe.” the voicemail chimed.

“Only forget that. Forget all of that. Our souls are tied by that red string. We need to pay attention while we are still here. While we are still breathing. 

Stop being so difficult. Let me love you the way you deserve to be loved. Let me show you all of the grand magic my world has to offer. You’re being selfish and your stubbornness is a headache at this point. Let me help you, as we both bloom and grow to live under the warmth of the sun.”

She wanted to delete it. She didn’t want to listen anymore. But her finger just wouldn’t slide across her phone as the tears ran down her face. 

“You said you loved me, and I believed you. So, let me show you now just how much I love you, too. I can turn your world into all of the colors of the rainbow if you’d let me. So, maybe we’ll meet again in another life and fall in love again, but for now, while you’re still in this world breathing, let me love you for as long as this life right here allows.”

(C) Erin Rose / She Writes Things


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