Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Typed | That Green Dot

‘I hate that fucking green dot.’ she thought to herself. ‘The dot that glares at me, tells me you are online. The one that once upon a time meant hours of conversations. Hours of smiles and laughs. A bright spot on a cloudy day. Now, it just means nothing more than silence.’

Sometimes she could ignore that green light. She tried. Every day she tried. 

Tonight was hard as she sat there, staring at that little green light for hours in the darkness. She wanted to reach out. But she knew the end result of that. She knew it would be nothing more than politeness. Honestly, that was worse than the silence.

So, she watched that green dot. ‘I really miss him,’ she thought. ‘Maybe one day I won’t.

But tonight, tonight it surrounds me with darkness and takes my breath away.’

(C) Erin Rose

Work in process.....



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