Poured Him Another Drink

“She poured him another drink and quickly took up the space beside him… her movements calm and calculated. Time caught up with them and neither were prepared for the way it shuffled around their lives. ‘There was no use causing alarm’ she thought to herself as she handed him his glass. His fingers grazed against hers, causing waves of electricity through the race going on in her bloodstream. ‘He can't know’ she kept telling herself, ‘he just can’t.’ Her nose twitched at his scent… that smell she had often thought about in her darkest hours.. His scent...it both haunted and excited her at the same time….. She sat next to him and turned to speak. “We need to talk,” they both said simultaneously and all she could think was ‘oh fuck’ as a single tear dropped out of her eye and rolled down her cheek.” ~ Erin Rose ...WIP book untitled.


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