Monday, January 13, 2020

Where to Go From Here

She had been here before. This space. This person next to her. But this time, this time it just felt different. She had studied his every movement. The way his hands folded across his arms. The way the right side of his mouth turned up a bit more than the left when he said her name. The way certain vowels were enunciated as they rolled off his tongue. But right now, in this space, these little things she had grown accustomed to didn’t seem to matter. She rolled to her side to face him. To study him once again. To replay that growl that pierced the darkest depths of her soul. ‘What happened last night had to be a fluke,’ she told herself. ‘Men, they talk a good game, but that, well that had awoken the inner beast that had been locked away for so long.’ ….. And she had no idea where to go from here. ~ Erin Rose…. WIP untitled


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