Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Wolf Always Stalks Its Prey

Challenge was over. Mission accomplished. There was no need for her to return. But something told her she had to. It mattered not that she vowed she would never stand before him again and yet, here she was. She rose from the ashes a warrior, stronger than she ever rose before.

“Was it worth it?” He asked, the ice clinking against his glass.

She paused a moment before replying “Was what worth it?”

“Opening that door again.” His voice rasped as he took another sip. “Having that door opened knowing that any moment Pandora’s Box was going to bring you to your knees.”

Her stare, cold and blank collided with his in the worst possible way. ‘How does he know about Pandora’s Box? I’ve never discussed this part of my past with him,’ she thought.

It was as if he read her very thoughts because after he took another sip, his words were already ringing in her ears before they passed over his lips. “A wolf always stalks its prey my dear.” ~ Erin Rose……… WIP.. book untitled.


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